Thursday, 28 March 2013

I Like To be.....

I Like To be.....

    In this world, all children have their own wish to be what they have seen in real life and put himself in that place and feel that he is that person having command over.But whenever time goes on, and parents see other children going well in their flow, they treat their child to do what that child is doing. And also give him/her suggestion to be what he is going to be. But this time, parents are in fault. They never try to ask their children for what they like to be.
    What is his wish ? what type of activity he is doing? watch such activity from which parents get idea about children's thoughts. If at childhood, he is acting like an police officer, commend it and inspire him to do it more. Because if he has fixed what he like to be, he will collect information how to do , what to do for that. But instead of this commendation and inspiration, parents neglect and scold him for his act. This is very ridiculous for the children. Because one time parent scold him, he always be worried about his act and he will think before he do anything. He will also afraid of telling his thoughts and ideas to the parents. Because in India, there is one rule that in front of elders, younger can't speak and argue with them. If he does, he is not well trained child.

    Parents every time forget that they were also child and they also face same thing with their parents. Then why to repeat that role this time also. Parents should have be patience and calm while talking with children. They need to first hear children and then tell him about the reality. If he is going in right way, let him go, but if he is in fault, make it correct and put their apple of eye in wright direction. If you as parent understand your children, because children don't have knowledge difference between good and bad, we give him knowledge about this. So keep your child alive with their own thoughts, instead of killing them.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Truth Hide Inside You

Asatyo manhethi prabhu param satye tu lai ja
Unda andhare thi prabhu param teja tu lai ja

    When I was in 5th standard, every morning our class started with this famous prayer. There is very deep meaning hide inside this 2 lines. In first line of this, it describe to let us put in favour of truth not with untruth. Second line tells us to pray god for take us from darkness of ignorance to light of knowledge.

    In all the holy books, they teach us to tell truth. Because, God is always with truth. There are lots of advantages if you don't hide truth inside you. Though there is also written in The Geeta that "don't speak that truth which is harmful to others". But this doesn't mean that don't speak truth. Every sentence has their own meaning and we must not merge them together with other one.

    Taking example of myself. When I was in 5th standard, my friend Jay, who live in front of us, one year elder then me. He has video game at his home and I like to play it very much. At the time of holiday, I often went his home by telling my mother that "I am going to complete my assignment", but after going there, I played video games and assignment remains incomplete. After returning back to the home, mom check my lesson, how much I completed. But mom knows the thing but she like to know from me , what I had done there. But don't know why at that time I couldn't speak truth and tell her that "I was writing my assignment very well". May be this is because of I can't understand my mother that she will scold me if I speak truth in front of her. Such stories are very much at the time of childhood, about expense, time spending in reading etc. But effect of that untruth place me in line of darkness of knowledge. Our parents have very much expectation from our, they like to see us in clothes of lightness.

    At the time of college, we usually bunk the college and never like to tell our parents that I bunked this class for so and so reason. If anyone of you inform your mother or father, whom is not your parent but your friend, then you are appreciated. We often spend time in movies and other things. You do all this things, but do your father knows how much of your pocket money you are spending after which thing? No. Do your mother know at the time of college, whether you were be in college or any where else. Sometimes, if they like to know truth from your side, you will get angry because you hide truth inside you, and never let it come out side. But till when? One day truth will come outside, and it is very late. I also seen such persons who are not interested to seat with mother and father at night, because they can't see in their parent's eyes because they know what they had done. It is not limited to parents, it is also with friends also. If you don't like some one's behaviour, tell them frankly that never repeat this thing.

    But my friends, why to worry about the things? They are your parents. They know, every one can make mistake. If you are frankly with them, and tell the truth what you had done and what is going on, they will definitely understand you, because they like to see their child to grow up with truth and have boldness to face the truth. If you are not a truthful person, how can you expect truth from other people. I have experience that, if you hide one truth inside, you will have to hide one more time truth inside, means once you speak untruth, it will continue. And it will never give you peace in your mind. Once you bring out that truth, you will feel your body lightly and calm and with peace of mind.

    So, its advise all my friends to have fear of telling truth, let that fear come outside you and let enjoy the happiness of life with it.

Human's Dependency on Things and Person

        Till born to die, every person need some "things" to full fill his requirements, whether he is child, young, adult or old one. They are depend on thing, without that thing, they fill that life is nothing without that. One poet truly said

        " we don't have importance of the time, when it passed, we realize".

        In our case, we can place things instead time. When we were child, we were depend on parents for food and smile. As grow , become young , we depend on father for pocket money and study. Yes that is true that we can't earn money at that time, but its dependency. Then when come in age of adult, we depend on mobile and bike. If younger don't have bike, they place themselves in place of handicap. If only for one day, we take mobile from then, they fall in bad with no mood. When that person get job, he depend on other peoples to full fill requirements. He needs paper every morning or need to watch news every evening after returning back home. When he become old, he depend on his third leg, the stick, if it isn't, guess what will they think.

        As account entry has dependence entry affection, absence of thing realize person the importance of that thing. We humans don't realize importance of needle until we require to skew shirt. How many of you can cook yourself? wash clothes your self? Cleaning home? We depend on our mother or maid for that. Do we realize this thing? No, but yes. While mother get ill, all thing we need to learn. Instead of doing ourselves all thing in life, we never let any time to blame other person for that. In many of our home, one person will be there, who every time order for water, for notebook. I can't understand why to be depend on other person for our work and why to tell other person to do their work? Can't we do? Yes, but we are lazy to do.
        Let come to part of study. School or college students are depend on tuition classes. But in reality, its not necessary. One can also learn at home instead of wasting money twice in study. It is one's thinking that "If I have tuition class then and then i can pass exam". Ask your self, is there any requirement of mobile in study age? I am not against use of mobile. Whenever one get mobile, instead of reading books, they are enjoying playing song and games in mobile. If mobile will not with him, he can't sleep, he can't live life easily. Dependency on mobile and dependency on bike or other things make younger lazy and make their interest divert in enjoying instead of getting knowledge from books. And also on computer. Every thing is good at their cost, but till while we don't become dependent on them.      

        At last, only one thing I want to say, Don't be deeply dependent on things or person. When they will not in your life, you have such independence to full fill their requirement, otherwise you fall down on surface.